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About Golden-B-Bear Goldens 
We have now moved to our new home in Plymouth, NH on 20 acres of beautiful fields and tree lined hills.


Golden-B-Bear takes a  Holistic approach to rearing of all our dogs.  We require our future puppy owners to follow our minimal vaccination schedule.   To also follow a more  holistic approach to control flea and tick prevention.  All future puppy buyers are required to work with a Holistic vet who is a member of the AHVMA (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association).   Please check out my Recommended Holistic Vet page and find a holistic vet near you or go to the link Holistic Veterinarians' Association  To find a veterinarian in your area.  I do require you feed a raw diet as well.

Our dogs can run free around the property daily and our puppies have a safe fence in puppy play area just for them.
We have family visits when pups are 6 and 7 weeks old.   

Our new kennel pens completed April 2016
Built by Micah's property Maintenance

All interviews have to be scheduled after I receive your application and deposit.  
You can email be at
All deposits are held until interview is completed.
There is usually a 6 month to one year wait list for my puppies.
Once I receive your application I will call you to discuss the adoption process.
All new families are required to have a fenced in yard and I am looking for families that have someone home during the day for the puppy.
Please feel free to email me and let me know if you would like to be  put on a  wait list.

Golden-B-Bear Golden Retrievers is dedicated to producing top quality Golden Retrievers.  I have been breeding, raising and showing goldens since 1999.  I am a member in good standings with the American Kennel Club and a board member of Yankee Golden Retriever Club.  All of my litters come from parents that are Penn hips and or OFA  registered, OFA elbow clearance  and are free from genetic hip disease. Their eyes are certified by a board ophthalmologist, screening for any abnormalities, and cleared of cardiovascular disease by a cardiologist. I am now performing 3 new test clearances for itchinosis and PRA and PRa1 inherited eye disease and DM disease.  My goldens are raised with a holistic approach to diet and care. My goldens are fed a raw diet  and use to do minimal vaccinations but have now pledge to do vaccine free and only use Nosodes for my dogs and puppies.                                                                .
I believe that the appropriate diet, less vaccinations, less toxic chemicals in and around them is key in raising a healthy immune system.  To find out more about diet and vaccination protocols please see My raw diet page and vaccination page.   My goal is to be the Top Breeder in my area that produces Healthier Goldens and Best tempered personalities and striving to keep to AKC Standards
  I only breed Goldens  who display the true Golden Retriever  temperament.
 My litters are born and socialized in my home at an early age until they come to you at 8 weeks of age. My pups have complete and thorough examinations by my vet at the age of 7-8 weeks and are guaranteed to be in good health on departure to their new homes.   I sell my pups with a limited registrations.  I do  recommend that you spay/neuter closer to 24 months of age. 


Our puppies have a secure, clean environment to play and get exercise which is important in their development.


                   Mia as a puppy being stacked for show training

Before picking up your new puppy from Golden-B-Bear Kennel, I recommend all new families purchase items from my recommended puppy items list before purchasing a puppy from me.  I can help you with any questions you have in regard to this.   It  can be overwhelming for some who are not sure what items are needed when raising a new puppy.  I try to keep it simple buy suggesting only the things you really need.  I will show you what items I recommend  that will be very helpful for keeping your pup safe and happy.  
  I am committed to making sure of this and will continue to support your needs through out the life of your new golden.  It is very important to me that these special pups get the right homes and the right start in life.  I don't want to see any of my pups end up in a pound or worse in a home that won't take proper care of it.   I do recommend you sign up for a puppy Kindergarten class or some form of puppy class.  Especially for Pets in Sudbury has some great trainers there and I also recommend the Yankee Golden Retriever Club puppy kindergarten program in Boxboro, MA.  It is vital for your pup to get the right socialization at an early start and for you to get the basic training tips and care from a certified trainer.
   . I am a member of the following natural breeders groups:

All of our puppies come with:
* AKC (limited) All puppies will be registered by breeder and (upon proof of  spay/neuter) your AKC papers will then be sent to you.
* Vet Health Certificate    
 All new parents will be required to give the Parvo and Distemper Nosode treatment   
* stool checked and dewormed
* 1 year   guarantee ( for any genetic issue of hips, elbow or eyes)  up to cost of a new puppy;  Guarantee is only good on pups who are kept on a raw diet, and owner follows breeder's protocol on vaccinations and holistic ways.  Vet records must show proof of a natural rearing.
* Lifetime breeder support 
* Copies of Parents Clearances and photos will be in puppy folder

Important to Socialize your new puppy ............

Socializing and Training

Socializing is simply the process of adjusting a puppy to the human world. This means taking a puppy from the time it's in its new home to as many different places as possible. Until the pup is at least 4 to 5 months old, it should ideally be taken along once a day on some kind of outing. There are many places dogs are allowed. We like to take our dogs with us to hardware stores, video stores (a great place since it often takes a while to pick out a movie and the pup has 'lots of time to be among all kinds of people), banks, the post office, and pet-supply stores. We also like to sit on chairs or benches in front of cafes. Simply taking the pup on walks around areas where it will meet other people and dogs is also a good socializing opportunity. (One always needs to make sure a strange dog is perfectly fine with puppies. A bad dog experience when a pup is younger than 7 months old can leave the pup leary of dogs for the rest of its life.) The pup should also be able to experience strollers, bicycles, hear trucks, cars, etc. Once the puppy is a bit older, about 5 months, the basis that's been established can be kept up by taking the pup 3 or 4 times a week. These outings shouldn't stop until the pup is at least 10,11, or 12 months old. Of course it is in its best interest to continue socializing your puppy into adult hood.  Find what your pup excels at and build on this.  Example: if your pup has a great nose and can locate you or objects.... well it maybe a great dog for nose scent classes.  Maybe your pup is great at retrieving and always wants to bring things to you.  Classes on retrieving, field work or service work might be something you and your puppy could do together.  Many of our pups continue on to getting their CGC and TDI certification after puppy kindergarten.   They can visit schools, nursing homes and other places most other dogs would not be able to enter.  


While socializing a pup at a young age, socializing and training go hand in hand. One doesn't let a pup jump up on people, for example. Nor does one let the pup mouth anyone. One also doesn't let the pup pick the garbage or chew on shoes, etc. Teaching the pup not to do these behaviors is all training (teaching manners). While most of the above actions are harmless when the pup is young, it's not acceptable when the pup has become an adult. So, it's a good idea to stop the behavior before it even starts. One can start formal training with a your  pup at 3 months. Your puppy hoods are rather short and their attention span matures quickly. Training is a beautiful process and, if done well, will teach a pup to become a great team-player. When first starting training, it seems the pup is just learning basic vocabulary (e.g. 'sit', 'down', etc.). But after a couple of weeks, one starts to see a change in the pup's whole attitude. The puppy is suddenly really tuning in, is making amazing eye-contact, and, when finding itself in new situations where it is unsure of how to react, is looking up to its person as if to ask what they think rather than making its own interpretation of the situation. This is exactly how it should be. The pup is, after all, in a human world and should look to the person for guidance.
Basic obedience training is simply the process of teaching the pup the basic vocabulary and thereafter following through with the commands. After a couple of months (IF a good training method was used which seems to be rather difficult to find these days), the dog will quite willingly respect these commands.   Training, when done clearly and fairly, also creates an incredible bond between person and dog that is hard to surpass.

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