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The Calendar Litter..................born 12/26/2012
Meet our 3 girls and 4 boys

Names of pups :                                              time of birth      weight at birth      1 day old       2 days       3 days       4 days      5 days          6 days       7 days    
 January wearing red collar..............female            6:15am            16.3 oz                18.3oz          20.1oz         22.9oz       25.6oz       29.1oz        32.1oz        34.7oz
February wearing white collar..........male               6:26am           17.4 oz                 18.5oz         20.8oz         23.7oz       26.8oz        29.4oz        31.9 oz       35.1oz
March wearing Blue Collar...............male              6:51am            17.1 oz                19.4oz         21.3oz         25.1oz       28.4oz        31.3oz        34.7oz        38.8oz
April wearing Yellow Collar.............female            7:14am           14.7 oz                17.2oz         18.8oz         21.6oz       25.1oz         27.0oz        27.9oz       30.6oz
May wearing Orange Collar..............male               7:54am          17.2 oz                18.8oz        21.0oz          23.8oz       28.3oz          30.9oz        33.9oz      37.4oz
June wearing Green Collar................male               9:48am          18.3 oz                19.6oz         21.8oz         26.1oz       28.4oz          31.4oz        34.1oz      37.7oz
July wearing Purple Collar................female            10:48am         16.5 oz               17.8oz         20.2oz         23.8oz       26.8oz          30.0oz        34.6oz      36.8oz

January/red pup
8 days          38.1oz
9 days          44.4oz
10 days        45.6oz
11 days        47.1oz
12 days       53.1oz     
13 days       55.7oz
14 days       58.3oz
 February/white pup
8 days          40.7oz
9 days          41.5oz
10 days        46.1oz
11 days        48.3oz
12 days        54.3oz          
13 days        57.8oz
14 days        59.4oz
March/blue pup
8 days              41.2oz
9 days              44.8oz
10 days            47.1oz
11 days           51.0oz
12 days           53.4oz          
13 days           53.8oz  
14 days           58.7oz         
April/yellow pup
8 days         33.8oz
9 days         37.1oz
10 days       39.2oz
11 days       43.6oz
12 days      46.4oz   
13 days      48.5oz
14 days      61.1oz
May/orange pup
8 days        30.6oz
9 days       42.5oz
10 days      51.6oz
11 days      53.6oz 
12 days      53.7oz    
13 days      58.3oz
14 days      61.1oz
8 days          41.2oz
9 days          43.4oz
10 days        50.5oz
11 days        53.8oz
12 days        55.7oz
13 days        62.4oz
14 days        65.5oz
July/purple pup
8 days             40.4oz
9 days             42.9oz
10 days           46.4oz
11 days           48.6oz
12 days           52.6oz
 13 days          57.3oz 
14 days           60.8oz  

January/red pup
3 weeks       4.97lbs
4 weeks       6.89lbs
5 weeks      9.11lbs
6 weeks
7 weeks
8 weeks
February/white pup
3 weeks     4.94lbs
4 weeks     6.93lbs
5 weeks     9.27lbs
6 weeks
7 weeks
8 weeks
March/blue pup
3 weeks      5.13lbs
4 weeks      7.41lbs
5 weeks      9.42lbs
6 weeks
7 weeks
8 weeks
April/yellow pups
3 weeks       4.25lbs
4 weeks       6.44lbs
5 weeks       8.23lbs
6 weeks
7 weeks
8 weeks
May/orange pup
3 weeks       5.14lbs
4 weeks       7.30lbs
5 weeks       9.91lbs
6 weeks
7 weeks
8 weeks
June/green pup
3 weeks      5.66lbs
4 weeks      8.30lbs
5 weeks      10.21lbs  
6 weeks
7 weeks
8 weeks
July/purple pup
3 weeks       5.12lbs
4 weeks       7.27lbs
5  weeks      9.01lbs
6 weeks
7 weeks
8 weeks

                                                            1 week old                                                                                  2 weeks old






Day of birth -- Madison delivered all her pups within 4 1/2 hours and did a wonderful job delivering these big babies.  The pups are huge, very strong,  healthy and have wonderful sweet dispositions.    :) 

1 day old -- pups get weighed everyday and handled so they will get use to being held as they get older.  Madison is such a great Mom, I only had to get up once during the night.
Baby April happy to have Mom all to herself!
tail up means milk is in...
March puppy finding his brothers

These 4 pups know where to keep warm.
February, March, and May found warmth with each other.

2 Days old -- Everyone is doing really well and I only had to get up 3 times during the night.
group huddled together
puppies showing promising looks

The girls (January, April and July)
The girls

The Boys (Feb, March, May and June
These guys are little tanks.

The Group at 2 days old

3 days old -  
I have started doing the neurological stimulation for each of the pups starting on day 3 until they are 14 days old. 

pups checking out the tunnel
everyone is full and happy
Madison and July .....some special time together

Madison and July puppy sleeping- Madison got a short haircut for the delivery.  This helps keep her cool and easier to keep clean.  Madison loves her new haircut. 
 <....Madison and July puppy

Baby April puppy....>

4 days old - puppies had all their nails clipped today so as not to scratch up Mommy Madison.
                                                                                                                 Madison taking good care of her babies
Lets Move!

Did someone just call us for breakfast?

Group Hug!

Baby April Sleepy time
Baby April is so sweet
February puppy is a little chunky monkey

May puppy has a beautiful sweet face and is always trying to be on top.
baby May
Line up pups...dinner time                  

Heads up...

Which way are we supposed to go? Up or down?
Found these two hiding under Madison's leg....

5 Days Old - Pups are growing nicely and making more noise and moving around more.  They love having their bellies scratched and to be held and cuddled. 

Little feet...big foot

My Mommy!

Breakfast in bed, lunch in bed and dinner in bed.....Madison has 4-5 meals a day about 1 to 2 lbs of meat at each meal.  Hungry girl!  Soon Madison will have to share her food with 7 hungry little mouths.

March and May puppies sharing
The three little piggies
March puppy out cold

Puppy February squeezing in the middle of April and June
Chubby thighs
Anyway to get at Mom's milk is the best way.

6 days - Pups are growing so fast and are doing a little more each day. 
Madison loves her babies...keeping them warm
Puppy March sleeping with his mouth cute.They
The pups love laying by blue dog toy


Puppy May hugging Mom's foot
Puppy January getting some quiet time in the corner
Puppy July is so sweet

Puppy May
Puppy May smelling something good

puppy June hanging over ledge

Sister and brother holding on to each other
April is sticking her tongue out


All in a row
Can u please get off my head
March loves to use his bother for a pillow

12 days old - There eyes have opened and they are up on all 4!  Puppies have gotten so big they have outgrown their whelping box.  We have moved them to the bigger whelping box and into the next room.  Click here for next page of pictures

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